a beginning

So my first real attempt in developing a blog.  One of the first things I had to decide is why a blog.  For so long, I have been leading retreats, providing spiritual direction, motivating communities and loving life and I have been asked on several occasions to share my reflections with a wider audience.  It is amazing to think that in an average day we have so many opportunities to have a glimpse of the Holy. There are times in our days that give us a sense of peace, awe, hope or even fear and trembling, but many times these moments are not necessarily from some high church bells and smells mystical experience, but they are very profound yet ordinary mystical experiences.  I hope to accomplish just an ordinary glimpse into the life of family, ministry, prayer and work and through this ordinary glimpse help others find a deeper connection with God. I look forward to journeying with those who want to share their journey and their ordinary glimpses.