Fourth Week of Advent Reflection–How are we a reflection of the light?

This week the Church celebrates the Fourth Week of Advent, and the Feast of Christmas.

The fourth week of Advent is the lighting of the fourth candle in anticipation of the celebration of Christmas. In this week we hear the call for each one of us to accept our role in proclaiming to the darkness another ray of hope, another light along the path of life. This week reminds us to be open, like Mary, to the invitation of God to accept one another as messengers of God. As we work to bring about healing and hope, we not only find ourselves as recipients of God’s messengers, in many cases, we are God’s messenger. This week reminds us of the urging deep within to be open to the new life God has invited us into.

It is amazing that in the midst of the long dark nights of winter, many faith traditions recall a celebration of lights which are reflections of the illuminating light that comes from their faith and dedication/consecration in God. This week we also celebrate with our Jewish brothers and sisters the celebration of Hanukkah, the festival of light commemorating the dedication of the Temple.

Where in our lives do we see the reflection of light that reflects the radiance of God?

How can we share this healing reflection with others?


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