Where is love born: A Christmas Reflection

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.Let your unselfishness be known to everyone. The Lord is near.”—Philippians 4:4-5

Where is love born?  If love is true connection between human beings, where is love born?  It seems like every night you turn on the news, there is discouraging news.  It is tough to Rejoice and Celebrate Christmas and a New Year when the news is always bad and we seem distant and not connected to one another. Each year the Church celebrates Advent, a celebration of our past, present and future,a celebration of God in our midst. In these tough times, Advent reminds us to stay awake, be alert, to reach out to others, and to seek out where God is in our midst.  Advent calls us to evaluate the connection we have to those around us and to take a look inside:       

 — Where in me am I most vulnerable, most hungry? Hungry that my life means something.

–Where is my longing and my desire? Have I ever attended to my restless heart?

–Where am I most trapped in my own thought patterns? Where in me am I estranged, even a stranger to myself? Where am I sick on the inside, heart sick?

 Where is love born? If I know that place in me, I will know that place in you. I will be alert to it, I will know it, and I will go there and I will want to go there for you. If I know that place in me first, that place of utter vulnerability, hunger and thirst.  In that moment our hearts will burn within us and we will see God. There is something so holy that this is a God moment. This is where compassion/love is born.

We are called to be Awake to our interior life, to let it be what it is when it happens.

Where is love born? It is born in front of your mirror, while focusing on that place in us, it turns us outward to everyone else, so that we remain unselfish. When we are tuned into that place in us, we are more compassionate to those we encounter . When we know that place in us, we make a real connection with our families, friends and even the stranger.  That is where love is born. 

This will be how we reflect the light of the One whose birth we celebrate: Jesus, and for that we rejoice!  Know of our thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Merry Christmas!


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