Rejoice–Gaudete Sunday!! An Ordinary Glimpse.

Third Sunday: Gaudete!

Third Sunday: Gaudete! (Photo credit: mattjlc)


Rejoice—just in case you didn’t notice I will write it again—REJOICE!!  The second reading in Liturgy for the 3rd Sunday of Advent calls us to Rejoice and the First reading tells us to “Shout for Joy!” In some circles this is called Gaudete Sunday and it is recognized with the liturgical color of Rose.


The first reading turns our minds and hearts to “shout for joy.”  Paul calls us in the second reading, to rejoice in the Lord always so to be at peace.  In the Gospel of Luke we hear John call us to be honest and not abuse one another.  John also calls us to recognize the One who is greater than we are and who will come to fill us with complete joy.


For me, this becomes a great reminder to take on a spirit of gratitude.  It is tough to continue to be thankful in light of the recent tragedies in our country, how can one rejoice and shout for joy with such senseless violence.  In other parts of our country people are still busily wrapped up with, errands to run, projects to finish, meals to cook, dishes to wash, parties to throw, but it is because of the opportunity that I have to experience these things and create connection to my family, friends and faith that I should always be in a place of gratitude for this gift.  Even in light of such tragedy, such events like these cause us to reorient, re-evaluate and in some cases re-member our connection to others and the real interconnectedness of the human family.


So what is it for you that is cause for you to Rejoice?  Do you rejoice because the consumerism of Christmas is almost over?  Do you rejoice because you get to share time with family and friends?  Do you rejoice in those less fortunate than you today?  Do you rejoice because you were able to give or that you received?  Today, we mark the season of Advent as almost over, but there is still time for us to joyfully await the coming of our Lord and continue to rejoice in the continual recognition of Christ in our midst.  As we continue to look to make sense of the many things that continue to go on in our world, Advent becomes a time of hopeful expectation that Christ is about to be born again in our midst.  How can we look for times to rejoice this Advent season? How can we bring joy to and rejoice with others in this season?  However it is done this year, I say, Rejoice in the Lord always, I say again, REJOICE!!





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