Why were you looking for me–Reflection on the Holy Family.

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo - The Heavenly and E...

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo – The Heavenly and Earthly Trinities (The Pedroso Murillo) (1675-82) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Why were you looking for me?


Today’s reading from the Gospel of Luke tells the familiar story of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in particular Joseph and Mary looking all over the place for Jesus who was found in the temple.  In looking at the story and celebration of this Feast of the Holy Family, this question “Why were you looking for me?” struck a chord with me.


The original intent of this blog was to look at issues of my faith that I hand on to my son during this year of faith, which brought me back to this question “Why were you looking for me?”  Here this question presumes that the person is on a journey and that we are looking for Him is part of the relationship with Him.  The desire to look for God becomes in itself part of the journey toward God.  In the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the period of desolation is helped with the movement of being in desolation to “seeing oneself in desolation” thus giving space to from the moment to seeing one in the moment as an opportunity to allow something/someone else to help transform the situation.


Being in the moment of looking for someone, to seeing yourself looking for someone gives that same opportunity for the someone to appear and speak to us.  How do we get lost in a moment is one thing, but to return and reflect on that moment is something all together another part of the conversion experience. So “Why were you looking for me?” becomes a place where God intervenes and takes us out of the moment to give us some space to recognize that we were already in relationship even though we might not find God in the usual places where we seek Him.


Finding God in the ordinariness of the day, in the routine and mundane becomes a reminder that we are continuing the relationship with God.  Our faithfulness to doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well, becomes the opportunity to provide that same space of recognition.  So again the question, why do we look for Him–on this Feast of the Holy Family, I propose that we look for Him not only for ourselves, but also for those who we live and and share life with so that we can have life more abundantly.


The image of the Holy Family is one that is tough for the normal family to live up to, however, revealed in this question, shows to us that we all share the same Human desires and connection of family life–to seek and to be united–and that no matter the message, this journey is never done in a solitary state, but done in community.


May the Blessing the Holy Family bless you and yours!






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