What will be made new? 2nd Sunday of Lent (The Transfiguration)

TransfigurationWhat will be made new?  This is one of the main questions we look at each year during Lent.  Today’s Gospel reading we hear about the Transfiguration of Jesus.  For each of us, the season of Lent becomes a new opportunity for conversion in our life.  Conversion is an ongoing process of turning and being turned, it is something that can happen ever so dramatically like the story in the Gospel or incrementally over time.  Unfortunately for most of us, our own personal transfiguration does not occur in such a one time glorious moment, it happens in our daily interactions and challenges.  It happens in being faithful to our daily actions and commitments, in listening more deeply to the person that is in front of us, and in silence and prayer.

Lent is here to aid us with the daily conversion of life. It is a reminder that in the ordinariness of life, the extraordinary does come to life and become transformed.  Through our faithfulness to our way of life we are given the opportunities to grow in holiness, to withstand the temptations that in our lives through selfishness and pride and brought more closely to God.  This happens ever so subtly that when we stop and look back and hear ourself in time, we will come to recognize a different spiritual life and experience that will make our faith and countenance shine–thus drawing others to yourself, and ultimately to God.  The Transfiguration of Jesus is a reminder that we are called to prayer and a deeper relationship with God and with each other through our ordinary acts of each day.  So was is made new in you this Lent?



2 thoughts on “What will be made new? 2nd Sunday of Lent (The Transfiguration)

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