Did you hear? Untie him and let him go free. Reflection for the 5th Sunday of Lent

Icon of Lazarus Saturday

Icon of Lazarus Saturday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What must it have been like to stand at the tomb of Lazarus and hear Jesus say roll away the stone and call to Lazarus to come out and then everyone who witnessed to be told to untie and let him go free?  What would if you were Lazarus and you laid in the cold tomb in death for four days and you heard the Lord call your name?  You awake from your slumber and arise from your sleep and you make your way out of the tomb.  The community assists you with untying your bandages and you are set free.  Where do you go first?  What do you say?  Who do you go and visit?




Like Lazarus, Lent is a time of slumber as we await the Easter joy of God calling our name and untying our bandages.   When was the last time you heard God call your name? What are the areas of our own lives that we have kept bandaged up? Who do we need to seek to help untie them? Where is God already at work in leading you back to a renewed life?







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