Feed my Lambs and Follow Me–Reflection for the 3rd Sunday of Easter

Last Supper. Russian icon

Last Supper. Russian icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In today’s Gospel we meet resurrected Lord who gives the disciples some instructions.  “Cast your net””bring some fish” “come and eat” “Feed my lambs” “Tend my sheep” “Follow me”


It is interesting to note that the Gospels call out two disciples in particular, Simon Peter, who denied knowing Jesus and Thomas, who doubted the seeing the Lord. In today’s Gospel we get a picture of disciples instructions on taking care of the people who follow the Lord and the role of the disciples.  So too, we find for ourselves as disciples today the same instructions.


“Cast your net.”  Have you reached out to the deep to bring others to the Lord.  How wide have you put out your net?


“Bring some fish.” While we each bring to the table of the Lord our very selves, we should also bring others to the table, after all, it is a table of abundance and not a table of scarcity. In this Easter Season, have you reached out to those who are newly Baptized or joined the Church at Easter to welcome them?


“Come and Eat.”  Christ continue to be made known to the disciples through the sharing of a meal, in our welcoming of others into Communion, have we also opened our homes and hearts to them in welcome?


These are just some practical ways in which we can spend this season of Easter in celebrating the Paschal Lamb where by we “Feed my sheep” and “Tend my Lambs” and in the communion shared by those people newly gathered together we begin to learn a new reality of what is could mean for us to do what Jesus asks of us “Follow me.”


Christ is Risen!! Alleluia!





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